This English scheme was originally written in 1998 by Karl Mutch, Education Advisory Service, Auckland in association with Bruce Furrell, Education Advisory Service, Whangarei. A revised version was developed by Bruce Furrell and Cheryl Harvey, Education Advisory Service, Auckland in 2001.
Note: The Education Advisory Service is now known as Team Solutions, Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland.

The following individuals and departments contributed materials and/or feedback:

Second edition (2001)
Chris Allen, HOD English, Carmel College
Colleen Maguiness, HOD English, Western Springs College
Ewen Middleton, HOD English, Rosehill College
Steve Tracey, HOD English, Northcote College

First edition (1998)
Jenny Brown, HOD English, and Onehunga High School English Department
Simon Lamb, HOD English, and Rangitoto College English Department
Ewen Middleton, HOD English, and Rosehill College English Department
Jane Painter, HOD English, and Kamo High School English Department

The writers also acknowledge the following educators whose work was consulted in the development of the original scheme: Terry Locke, Phil Coogan, Brigid Carroll, Sue Crozier, Don Mackintosh, Helen Nicholls, John Allpress, Graham Bean, Peter Thomson, Judy O'Reilly.

Original cover graphics by Scott Kennedy from Exploring Language, Ministry of Education, 1996.
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